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Chiropractic Treatment Disc Herniation and Disc Bulge Denver

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If you have back pain, leg pain, or weakness of the lower extremity muscles, you may have a herniated disc. A herniated disc happens when the cushion that sits between the spinal vertebra is pushed outside its normal position. It usually affects people between the ages of 30 and 40.


Herniated discs are painful because the spinal nerves are very close to the edge of the cushioning discs. The pain often starts in the area of the disc and radiates across your hips and buttocks. Sometimes you might feel numbness or pain radiating down your leg to your ankle or foot.


Chiropractic by Thriveology in Denver may be able to help you with the pain associated with a herniated or bulging disc.


If you have a large herniation you may notice weakness when you extend your big toe, or difficulty in walking on your toes or heels. Sometimes you even have changes in your bowel or bladder function, and difficulty with sexual function.


You increase your risk of disc herniation by smoking, not exercising, and unhealthy eating. In addition, poor posture, daily wear and tear, injury or trauma, and lifting or twisting in the wrong way can further stress your disc.


Especially if your disc is already weakened, it could herniate with a simple movement or strain like coughing, a golf swing, or reaching for something out of the cupboard.